Vegan day 29: Crimini mushroom burger on a sprouted muffin

“One all veggie patty, special vegan sauce, dandelion greens, nutritional cheese-like yeast, pickles, onions on a sprouted seed bun!” hahaIf only the veggie industry had the marketing magic of beef industry favorites like the McDonald’s Big Mac or the dairy industry’s “Got Milk”…  Hmmm I feel another holistic career opportunity lurking in the back of my mind. I love marketing- […]

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Vegan day 26: Bok choy with nuts

I didn’t even know what bok choy was 2 years ago. Now, I love it! It’s often what I will eat when dining out in Asian restaurants. Bok choy falls under the category of cruciferous vegetables. These are known for their cancer preventing nutrients and antioxidants as well as their assistance in breaking down fats and eliminating toxins!  Bok choy has hardly […]

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Vegan day 23: Green Smoothie from the Doctor Oz show

I love watching The Doctor Oz show! I actually keep notes lol- geek hahaha!My list of things to do or try from his show is really growing. The other day he had the “Fantastic Four” on– Doctors who were sharing tips about hormones, inflammation, thyroid, fat metabolism, brain functions and diabesity (love that word– combo of diabetes and obesity.)Dr. Wendy Warner […]

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