Vegan day 114: SEITAN from scratch; vital wheat gluten

SEITAN– I still do not pronounce it right lol! “Say-Tan” – listen for yourself here. It’ also called wheat meat, vegetarian white meat and also gluten. It’s made from wheat gluten.. the main protein in wheat, thereby making it high in protein itself. after cooking I have cooked with seitan before and ordered it in restaurants but i was truly inspired and determined […]

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Vegan day 111: Arepa with avocado

Vegan snacks (part 2)Another thing I learned from my Colombian friends- arepas!I know I know.. arepas have origins mostly from Venezuela but they are popular in many other countries and this quick snack I learned from a very sexy size zero Colombian who eats these on the regular.I have to say- this is the only food item that I eat […]

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Vegan 110: Apple with peanut butter

VEGAN SNACKS!You call them snacks- I call them meals! After eating out for a few days, I like to take it easy! Simplicity is key- it was one of the keys to my weight-loss. When you eat smaller meals with less ingredients and at more frequent intervals, it’s easier for your body to tackle digestion and assimilation. “K-I-S-S” keep it simple […]

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