The War of the Meatballs


What happens when you get into a political debate with a bacon loving Trump supporter? You make dumb bets! At least that’s what I did and now all I hear about is meatballs. It was my second of many passionate debates about how Trump will not win. I get so entrenched with it that I just resort to betting. One bet is a clear cut $500 with my brother. The other somehow became about meatballs. Being Italian and the daughter and granddaughter of two superb cooks – I can say that I used to make the best sauce or at least up there for sure. Yes it was a meat sauce and therefore, I don’t make it anymore. Shortly before I became vegan, I made meatballs from my brother’s recipe. My besties loved them and actually commemorate the night they met with the memory of these meatballs.. ugh why I do not know. So the bet goes like this – “oh yeah sure I’ll make meatballs because he won’t win.. and when I win you have to give up bacon and all pork for one month.” Now as Donald gains momentum, I just wish I wagered more on the side of him losing. Like she should go vegan for a month ya know! 

So every super Tuesday that passes and with every Trump victory, I get the “I smell meatballs text.” Whatever..

That brings me to these meatlessballs. My pretty much vegetarian friend and I head upstate last weekend for a vegan get away. I know.. what is pretty much anyway? Die hard vegans are like.. there is no such thing – vegetarians  support the horrible milk and egg industries! True. However, pretty much is better than a carnivore pretty much any day of the week.

Truth be told, I haven’t blogged in a minute and it hasn’t been because of a lack of vegan food. Quite the opposite- I definitely eat faster than I write. Just been busy I guess. I miss it though and am grateful for this vegan retreat to rebalance and tap back into cooking and blogging.

My friend was inspired by the blog Minimalist Baker. She kept talking about this meatball recipe. I did expect to let her do the cooking when she looked at me like.. hello blogger get to work! So I helped, but she gets the credit thanks Kat!

IMG_3923We used the ninja to mix the tempeh and other ingredients. Honestly, I couldn’t get over how the texture of the tempeh with the flax egg really worked. The mixture stayed together well which is generally missing from many of meatless balls that I have tried. We pan seared them lightly first and then baked them.

When combining the health factor, the binding quality and the deliciously hardy taste– and tempeh as an incredible source of protein (non-GMO fermented soy)– well this rocks! I have to say it’s my favorite to date! 

So if by chance I lose that bet, I will have to delegate the cooking to my brother and if I win, which is likely, it looks like we will be eating these meatballs for a good four years. I can’t wait to play with the recipe!

A couple final thoughts:IMG_0236
Which presidential candidate is best to fight against factory farming AND which is best to fight against GMOs and Monsanto. Questions I ask daily with hardly any response.

Finally, my lil’ Sasha was put to sleep yesterday. Her life and strength reminds me and I hope others to do what you desire in life – go after your dreams. I do love blogging and so this one was for her! xo

Simple Vegan Meatballs



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