My Vegan Experience in Barcelona


“Good luck eating vegan in Barcelona”, I was told. “They don’t really have any vegetables!” What? I was puzzled being that Barcelona is such a major tourist city. I imagined it would be somewhat culturally diverse in its cuisine. Barcelona is world renown for it’s beautiful architecture especially the stunning work of Antoni Gaudí. Barcelona is also a popular destination […]

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Dining out vegan – tips for the newbie


15 years ago or so I tried to go vegan for two weeks. I redefined the word bitch and nearly killed a few people with my impatience and sarcasm. Not very compassionate at all. I didn’t know then one tenth of what I know today. There also were very few options available and most people with whom I ran circles with […]

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Starbuck’s taste test: coconut or soy?


So here I am sitting at the Starbucks on Union Street in East Williamsburg. First things first, it doesn’t look like hipsters are embracing this one or the fairly new Starbucks off Bedford Avenue for that matter. Reason being it’s 8pm and not very busy. When I say hipster I’m talking about the artsy creative types not the bratty pretentious […]

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Vegan surprises in Bath England


I really should blog my vegan travels more often. Last year for my birthday I was in Amsterdam and Berlin. I will say that although I didn’t blog it because I was probably too busy eating, that dining in Berlin completely exceeded my expectations. I would still like to reflect back with a photo journal of that week for my vegan travel records. […]

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Macro-Licious @ CHAMPS in Brooklyn

2014-01-27 17.49.12

I thought Champs was a bakery. Not that there is anything wrong with that – I will travel very far for vegan food, especially a bakery. Although they do make their own baked items, Champs is a straight up diner.  Well you know.. nothing is really totally straight in Williamsburg. What I mean is that it’s a full on diner with everything […]

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Tofu House Bayside


Tofu house.. what? Where’s the tofu? I should have went with my basic gut instinct because as I was entering, it had that McDonalds’ like feel – like I thought I saw a children’s play area inside. I was thinking.. wow.. It looks like a Tofu McDonalds. I wasn’t sure if this was a good thing or a bad thing. […]

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Kajitsu NYC


“What’s your favorite vegan restaurant in NYC? ” I asked to a vegan gentleman in my class last year. He said Kajitsu – hands down! I have tried many attempts to get in that quite frankly, I gave up! Luckily for me, my friends have more persistence. I think actually, I just worked too much so perhaps my schedule didn’t allow flexibility. […]

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