It’s all about the sides!

File Nov 26, 9 55 45 AM

No.. I don’t miss having turkey on Thanksgiving. I get asked that a lot but honestly, it’s really about the sides anyway. That’s where the creativity, variety and flavors come in. There are so many favorites from stuffing to sweet potatoes with marshmallows! This year my Mom asked me to make a couple additions to her huge layout; in particular, a […]

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Meatless Meatloaf


Why do I call it a meatless meatloaf? Why not just a veggie loaf, mushroom loaf or quinoa loaf? I think for two reasons really. One, I am challenged by and have seen many recreations of staple foods from when I was a kid. I can certainly throw down many vegan chicken and vegan Italian recipes! But meatloaf- it was […]

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Vegan day 326: Pineapple Quinoa


Being the quinoa fan that I am, this recipe jumped off the page of VEGANOMICON and practically onto my palate.  Have I mentioned that I also have pineapple almost daily. Again, since we do not live in Hawaii, I’m not sure if that’s a good thing, however, with respect to this amazing stir-fry.. it’s a necessity. This is a great […]

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