Sprouted Chick Pea – Red Pepper Hummus


Vegans and hummus go hand in hand. More frequently than not, it’s our saviour. Well.. mine anyway. It’s like a safe food. Non-vegans generally adore it and so will offer it as a snack at parties. Many restaurants will carry it, especially the Mediterranean ones and for sure.. a falalfa place is always nearby. In New york at least! Hummus […]

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Dahl-icious: Indian Moong Bean Vegan Dahl


  “Vindaloo and extra spicy please”. Those were my words as we would call up to our neighbors who owned an Indian restaurant by our summer house. They spoiled us and made whatever we wanted.. to order! I was always a fan of the spices and dipping sauces. The rest was a delicious mystery to me. Now that I am vegan though, […]

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Vegan day 100: Chick-pea balls

A friend of mine has made these VEGI-BALLS a few times now– each occasion with me going.. are you sure this is vegan?? No eggs.. no cheese.. no meat.. right? Each time they come out slightly different yet oh so good!Chick-pea ballsLarge can of chick peasBell pepperCeleryGarlicOnionCilantroSpices- cumin, turmeric, oregano,sea salt, black pepperWhole wheat bread crumbsOptional: almonds and oatsFor the […]

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