Vegetable SOUP TONIC


Vegetable Soup Tonic It’s snowing here in New York-  well, actually it’s a blizzard! There is really nothing better to do in these conditions but stay inside and keep warm. I was debating between making a juice or salad and then this overwhelming desire came over me to make something warm. I guess because I’m really cold especially in the […]

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Vegan day 99: VEGAN SANCOCHO

I have been spoiled for many years spending time with my best friend’s Colombian family. I have been able to try many dishes from Bandeja Paisa to SANCOCHO! (I’m going soon to the V-SPOT Cafe in Brooklyn- they finally re-opened and I promise I will blog about their VEGAN Bandeja Paisa if it is still on their menu). Sancocho was […]

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