Friends Or Tacos?


Ever drive your friends crazy with the latest foodie idea, diet, meal plan or weight goal? I do – all the time. I don’t actually know how I even have any friends left. This time it was day 3 of Raw til’ 4. My friends were willing and excited (I think) to do a vegetarian weekend upstate. “Vegetarian”.. I’ll take […]

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Vegan day 92: Cranberry beans

Just because it looks pretty- doesn’t necessarily mean you are suppose to eat it!  I was drawn in by their bright red color and blotted design. I’m sure somewhere, people eat these in their whole form both raw and cooked. Well not knowing much about this- I jumped right in. I treated them as normal string bean pods and set them in […]

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Vegan day 85: Kale chips

Kale Chips (They should be crispy and crunchy- these are in case you cannot tell from the picture)Go to any health food store and you will see many variations of kale chips. Sure they are tasty but they do have extra ingredients- honesty, you can make it yourself at hardly any cost! Some kale chips have cheese added therefore those […]

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