Vegan day 86: Kale, sweet potato and white bean soup

Back to CLEAN START by Terry Walters. I have to admit- we rocked this recipe out! Feel free to cook with friends or family- it makes it more fun working together to knock out a good recipe! There isn’t a picture in the book for this one- but ours came out spectacular

I have to say these are favorites of mine all around- kale I cannot get enough of, sweet potatoes I am in love with and beans– well they are really good for you (and your stomach will eventually get used to them in case you are newly vegetarian and wondering lol).

Kale, Sweet Potato and White Bean Soup

Onion– 1 small yellow diced
Ginger– 2T grated
Extra virgin olive oil– 1T
Celery– 3 stalks diced
Sweet potato– 2 diced ( the recipe called for one peeled fyi- I am in the habit of leaving most skins on for extra nutritional value)
White beans- 3 cups (we used canned for convenience)
Mirin– 3T (Mirin is a cooking wine made from rice- we didn’t have this on hand nor did we have any sake so it was a toss up between brown rice vinegar and apple cider vinegar- I believe the brown rice vinegar won)
Kale– chopped
Vegetable stock– we used water because I was out of veggie stock- I can’t even imagine this soup with more flavor!
Nutmeg, black pepper, sea salt and gomasio or toasted sesame seeds

(I altered the “how to” a little) Begin with a medium to large sized pot and add in the oil, onions and ginger. Next you can add the celery, sweet potatoes, beans, spices and water to cover. I let this cook until the sweet potatoes were on the softer side. Lastly, I added the chopped kale. As if that wasn’t a meal in and of itself- I made a side of quinoa and served it together! Incredible!

Walters, T. 2010. Clean Start. Inspiring You to Eat Clean and Live Well. New York, NY: Sterling Epicure

Disclaimer: The information given here is for educational purposes only. You should not use this to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease without consulting with a qualified health care provider.
[Monday 26th 2012 blog]

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