Vegan day 301: BEET it!


BEETS are known for many health benefits including those which help with blood purification, calcium deposits, kidney problems, constipation, nerves, high blood pressure and weight loss. I am talking about it today as a cleansing juice. Each person’s body is different, but I feel it’s a great addition to my juices. I regularly juice kale, carrots and apples. It’s a […]

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Vegan day 298: Franchia (2)


Franchia could definitely be at the top of one’s vegan dining list! I sometimes forget that vegan restaurants do exist outside of my West and East Village comfort zones. It’s definitely worth the trip to Park Avenue and 34th! The teas alone are amazing and Franchia, as well as it’s sister restaurant Hangawi (vegetarian) are well-known for their Korean food! […]

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