Kajitsu NYC


“What’s your favorite vegan restaurant in NYC? ” I asked to a vegan gentleman in my class last year. He said Kajitsu – hands down! I have tried many attempts to get in that quite frankly, I gave up! Luckily for me, my friends have more persistence. I think actually, I just worked too much so perhaps my schedule didn’t allow flexibility. […]

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Protein Powerhouse Chocolate Peanut butter MEGA bomb


Nothing like a contest to get my creative juices flowing! This time it’s to win a Vitamix! The contest is at ThisIsStory.com. Lately, I have been in a straight up peanut butter mood. I would normally say almond butter, but I was out this time. I felt like having a hearty AND deliciously rich smoothie shake! I call this the […]

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Vegetable SOUP TONIC


Vegetable Soup Tonic It’s snowing here in New York-  well, actually it’s a blizzard! There is really nothing better to do in these conditions but stay inside and keep warm. I was debating between making a juice or salad and then this overwhelming desire came over me to make something warm. I guess because I’m really cold especially in the […]

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