PastaLess Lasagna- oh MY!


How far will you travel for vegan food? Delicious vegan food, wonderful hospitality and cozy ambiance – every time! I’m writing today.. finally, and that’s due to the happiness this vegan cafe brings to me all year round. The Garden Cafe, Woodstock, New York. I guess you could also say it’s the furthest so far I have driven for vegan […]

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Kelp Noodles


I have come a long way in my acceptance and transition back to the world of pasta… well, at least to the word “noodle” itself. Self acclaimed pasta-holic that I am, I have mentioned and confessed my addiction many times along this vegan blog journey. I feared the word pasta or noodle even up to my very recent zucchini noodle […]

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Vegan lasagna


I love making lasagna and have mastered it quite often and in all different ways- regular meat lasagna (yes before I went vegan), vegetarian lasagna, vegan lasagna, pasta-less lasagna and even raw lasagna! So I decided to have a mini vegan get together and I do not know what happened! I guess I got confused with all my lasagnas. I […]

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